Greetings from Doctor Bannock

From here you can find out all about me and what I offer as well as information on when I am available for private consultations and when & where in the world I am lecturing.

Your body is equipped with an ‘innate’ intelligence – that is capable of helping you to return to optimum health. This, however, is almost entirely dependent on 2 basic factors:

Deficiency & Toxicity

If the body is lacking in the basic raw materials (i.e. substances from what we eat, drink and breathe) – then the 75 to 100 trillion cells in your body cannot function, repair or replace themselves efficiently – which usually results in degeneration and/or disease. Although your diet is of prime importance – so too is how your body interacts with the food and its environment. Physiological factors such as digestion and absorption must also be considered!

Fat AcademyWhen cells are exposed to toxins (chemical, viral, bacterial etc), various problems can occur. This can influence the cells ability to function normally (make energy, repair tissue etc), and in some cases can bring about highly undesirable processes such as abnormal proliferation of cells (cancer).

The logical approach – is to therefore ‘help the body help itself’!

The use of pharmaceutical drugs (in most, but NOT all cases) is considered as ‘meddling’ with the body’s efforts -and is therefore best avoided.

What Do I Do?

I practice Nutrition Medicine at the Santa Fe Centre for Nutritional Medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA).

Modalities usually include: